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Connection Cards

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Why We Created Connection Cards:

Whether you’ve known someone for 30 years or 30 seconds, there’s always an opportunity to get to know them better.
There are billions of people on Earth and each one of us has a unique perspective.
Every conversation, we have an opportunity to learn something new together.

Who This Is For:

Couples, family, friends, kids, colleagues and new acquaintances.

What’s Included:

In the bag are 40 Light Questions, 35 Deep Questions, 25 Empathy Cards.

What are Empathy Cards:

Questions are just the beginning. The way we respond to each other can have us feel connected, disconnected or anything in between. It’s possible to consciously create connection through the way we respond. That’s why we created Empathy Cards.

They offer you prompts based on 6 communication tools that help you discover what matters to people and show that you understand them. We can’t wait for you to experience conversations rich with empathy and understanding!

How to Play

Place the Empathy Cards, Light Questions and Deep Questions in separate piles.
Draw a Question Card, choose someone & ask away. Remember, there are no wrong answers.
Listen — really listen!
Create connection with an Empathy Card by responding to the person who shared.
Take turns and see where the conversation goes.